“Books v. cigarettes” by George Orwell

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Before I bought this book, I had approximately 43 books on my bookshelf that I have yet to read. I bought three more books along with this one, and I bought four more afterwards. I do not only have books on my bookshelf, I also have a list of books that I want to borrow from different libraries and various friends. My dad pointed out that my book-keeping and book-buying, has grown into a vice.

This is what Orwell points out in this book (that originally was an article), that we choose what vices we finance. Whether we drink, smoke, or read, or maybe a combination of these; we mustn’t complain about the prices, because since these are vices, we are willing to pay for them. Luckily for me, I only finance one vice, and that is the vice of books. A not-so-bad vice, because we set the value of the books we have and the ones we read, as Orwell describes “There are books that one reads over and over again, books that become part of the furniture of one’s minds and alter one’s whole attitude to life, books that one dips into but never reads through, [and] books that one reads at a single sitting and forgets a week later…”

This is not the only topic discussed in the book, however, since various complements of Orwell’s literary life are narrated in great intimacy. What I got out of this book, is that in the eyes of the great author George Orwell, literature is like the art of the intellectuals.


Antes de comprar este libro, tenía aproximadamente 43 libros en el librero que aún tengo que leer. En la compra de éste, compré tres más, y después compré cuatro más. No sólo tengo libros en el librero, sino que tengo una lista de los libros que quiero pedir prestados de diferentes bibliotecas y a varias amistades. Mi papá acertadamente resaltó que esto de tener y comprar libros se me ha hecho un vicio.

Esto es lo que Orwell explica en el libro (que originalmente fue un artículo), que nosotros elegimos los vicios que financiamos. Si tomamos, fumamos o leemos, o tal vez una combinación de éstos; no debemos quejarnos de los precios, porque como son vicios, estamos dispuestos a pagar los precios. Para mi suerte, yo solo financio un vicio, y ése es el vicio de los libros. Un vicio no tan malo, porque nosotros mismos le ponemos el valor a los libros que poseemos, y como Orwell describe “Hay libros que uno lee una y otra vez, libros que forman parte del amueblado de la mente y altera la percepción absoluta que uno tiene de la vida, libros que uno empieza pero nunca termina, [y] libros que uno lee en una sentada y se olvida en una semana…”

Sin embargo, este no es el único tema discutido en el libro, porque varios sucesos complementarios de la vida literaria del gran autor George Orwell, son narrados con íntimos detalles. Lo que me llevo de este libro, es que en los ojos de George Orwell, la literatura es como el arte de los intelectuales.

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“Peace of mind” by Thích Nhat Hanh.

img_0200Although this is a ‘buddhist’ book, you will find yourself breathing peacefully, absorbing every word with mindfulness. I would not consider this a religion-related book. It’s more like a philosophy; a philosophy with your breathing. You cannot imagine how beneficial, helpful, and important it is to learn how to breathe, beyond a reflex of gasp for air of the body.
This short text will calm your nerves and will teach you a lesson on peace within yourself.

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